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Cameroon is known as “Africa in Miniature”, asserting that the country offers all the diversity of Africa for her socio-cultural and geographical heritage. Tourists call it “Africa in Microcosm” and others call it the “Melting Pot of Africa

Cameroon’s tourist destinations can be classified under four general areas: the coast, the major cities, the Western highlands, and the north.

The Coast  

The coast offers beach resorts in towns like Limbe in the South Western Region of the Country. This English speaking city offers mostly the black volcanic sandy and rocky beaches. Kribi in the South Region and French speaking city offers the white soft sandy beaches.

Cameroon happens to have the tallest mountain in West and Central Africa; Mount Cameroon in the South Western coast of Cameroon. The 4,070Metres tall mountain draws hikers and climbers from all over the World especially during the International Mount Cameroon Race of Hope every February of each year. The stepping-off point for climbing Mt. Cameroon is the city of Buea, where guides can be hired and equipment can be rented. There are several tin-roofed huts for hikers to sleep in during their trek up the mountain.

The North

Cameroon’s north is the nation’s primary tourist draw. The area has several wildlife reserves, including the largest and best-run in West Africa, Waza National Park. These parks offer both animal viewing and big-game hunting.  Animals in this region include cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses, and rhinoceroses. This area offers a large crafts market and museums and also offers the best of Savanna view, rain forests fauna where you find chimpanzees, elephants, and gorillas. Spectacular Rhumsiki Peaks one of the best views in the world, Gorge de Kola, etc.

The Western Highlands

The Western highlands offer charming mountain scenery, waterfalls and lakes, and the altitude provides a cooler climate. Bamenda is the main city in the western highlands, and is the capital of the Northwest Region. This area is known for its unique colourful and diverse traditional culture and crafts. The West is also home to traditional chiefdoms and fondoms such as the sultanate of Foumban. Each chief typically has his own palace or compound which visitors may visit for a fee

The Major Cities

Major cities in Cameroon are Douala, head quarter of the Littoral Region, the largest and the economic capital of the country. Here, in you will find most of the big companies and industries, best hotels, and the main airport and sea port of the country. Yaoundé the political capital of the nation, the head city in the Centre Region, and one of the most prominent cities in the country, is home to most of Cameroon’s national monuments. It also has several museums among which the National Museum of Cameroon.  The city of Bafoussam the main city in the Western Region of Cameroon is especially famous for its industrious and agricultural maturity, wood-carving culture and artifacts. In fact, this area produces more crafts than any other in Cameroon. Limbe in the South West Region of Cameroon is one of the most beautiful and cleanest cities in Cameroon. It is popularly known for its vast Atlantic ocean with black rocky and sandy beaches, wildlife center, botanical garden, and delicious roasted fish for visitors is a peculiarity in this City. The main oil refinery SONARA is found in Limbe. To the South Region you have the city of Kribi noted for it modern infrastructure and charming beaches. Other well known cities are Maroua head city of the Far North Region, Bamenda major city in the North West Region, Garoua, Edea, Buea, Ngaoundere , Betoua, Foumban, Ebolowa , Mbalmayo, Tiko and many others.

By Mufuh Ramiro


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