Amazing Cameroon is a subsidiary of the Cameroon’s famous media design company Clone Multimedia Limited registered number RC/LBE/2015/B/0891,  situated in Buea, the South Western Region of Cameroon. It is the initiative of a group of some patriotic citizens of Cameroon who have taken the decision to bring in to light the milk and honey of their nation Cameroon.

Just as the name “Amazing Cameroon” has as main objective to showcase to the World, Africa and especially Cameroonians, how great our beloved nation Cameroon is. It’s to prove the beauty and uniqueness of the country full of wonderful and untamed potentials blessed by the wonderful works of the creator the Almighty God.  Cameroon is by no means called “Africa in Miniature” by chance. It is the summary of the whole of the continent of Africa, all Africa in one small beautiful package. Tourists call it “The Melting Pot of Africa”. You don’t need to travel to all the countries in Africa. You just need to visit Cameroon to see all of Africa.  This site is a guide to those who wish to visit Cameroon for Tourism, Holidays or for Business purposes.

Cameroon has got a lot of  business potentials, with high deposit of natural resources and minerals to attract investors of interesting sectors especially that of Agriculture, Mining, Energy, Oil, and many others. Amazing Cameroon therefore guides and ensures that these potentials are known to investors out there looking for suitable business environment.

Amazing Cameroon has as main priority to uncover the beauty and touristic power of Cameroon. Cameroon is blessed with numerous touristic destinations in the country that the world needs to discover and explore; such as Mountains and valleys, National parks, savannas, forests, coastal beaches, lakes, etc, God has made every place on earth beautiful and unique for the interest of the other.

Cameroon is blessed with a very strong and rich cultural diversity with over 250 ethnic groups. Amazing Cameroon is out to bring to light these rich cultural diversities like: dressing style, behavior, Art and food of a Cameroonian.

Most importantly, Amazing Cameroon brings hope to fellow young Cameroonians to believe, discover and explore the potential of the nation to drink from the flowing milk and honey of the land.



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