Ndawara, the Modern Agro-industrial complex in North West Cameroon



Ndawara is found in the North Western Region of Cameroon, a mountain range extending from the Mambila plateau in Adamawa to Mount Cameroon in the coastal regions. It is owned by Alhadji Baba dan Pullo, a CEMAC business tycoon who turn the area into an agro-tourism centre after succeeding the area from his late father. Movements towards the beautiful agro-industrial complex, ascending steep hills is inevitable. At the summit of the hill, low gradient slopes converge from all directions to a plain hosting the main settlement known as Ndawara. The converging gentle slopes around the Ndawara town are carpeted by the tea plant with furrows complementing the view to give the impression of a giant green carpet in black bias. The whistling of some rare species of birds could be heard from a distance as they fly to and fro above the beautiful open field hovers by cattle, horses and ostriches to give it an agro-paradise view. Ndawara is undoubtedly one of the best touristic sites to visit in Cameroon and Africa.

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